Elephants vs Monkeys

My new favorite area of Taipei is Xinzhuang 新莊, it’s a district on the opposite side of the city from where I live. It’s centered around a sports complex which includes a basketball arena, baseball stadium, shopping mall, and outdoor running track. All around there are tasty restaurants and fun little shops, it has a really great vibe.

The most popular sport in Taiwan in Baseball, something I think is a remnant of the Japanese colony era. The league is very small with only four teams but the fans are very passionate and going to a game is a lot of fun. Each team’s fans attended but sat in different sections, each side had team colored noise makers and a lead cheerer with a megaphone. Every player got their own cheer (for the whole game!) and everyone was really into it. It seemed like the fans really like certain players though rather than what was happening in the game as much. The Monkeys unfortunately beat the hometown Brother Elephants, which is a shame… I still had a great time though.

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