Best Hike Taipei: Batttleship Rock 軍艦岩

Battleship Rock 軍艦岩 (aka Mt. Junjianyan or Warship Rock) is a hike in north Taipei just south of Beitou leading to a big sandy rock on the top of a mountain. it has great views of the city in the area, is easy to get to via the MRT, and has a couple routes to the top depending on how much effort you want to put in.

The route I took started near Qilian Station and meandered through the jungle for a mile or two on it’s way to the Battleship Rock. The path was in fact barely a path at all, little ribbons tied to trees were at times the only way to know the correct way to go. It ended up being fun, you pushed through heavy grass and ducked under trees the whole way but are treated to a fantastic view of the north from the top of a ridgeline.

Key Information

  • From: Red Line Qilian MRT Station for the north route or Shipai Station for the south route
  • Length: 2 hours to go 3 miles/5 km from Qilian or 1 Hour to go 1.5 miles / 3 km from Shipai.
  • Difficulty: Easy

GPS Map of Hike

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