Playing Our Game

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In Playing Our Game: Why China’s Rise Doesn’t Threaten The West, Edward Steinfeld downplays the threat from China. He combines looking at the situation from two points of view. First as a sort of zero sum game, he says the actions China takes are actually helping prop up the west’s leads in financial, technological, and other fields at the expense of China’s long term situation. I think this is a weak argument. China is following the development style of other “Asian Tigers”, so it is obviously possible to eventually successfully transition into a western style technologically developed economy.

Secondly however, he steps back and shows how a developing China doesn’t directly threaten the status quo. I think that this a more interesting point of view that also supports viewing China as another of the Asian Tigers.conomy.

Unfortunately this book often comes across as just a Chinese apologist defending China. I think that China developing in the wrong mold could obviously threaten the west in many ways, and not acknowledging that makes his overall argument less convincing. It is a well written book with many great facts and points of view though, so this book is still well worth reading (with open eyes).

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