Is China Buying the World?

According to Peter Nolan, author of Is China Buying The World, arguments are won by facts. Lots of facts. More facts than you could possibly ingest. More facts than you can possibly argue with? Unfortunately this book comes across as someone rattling off facts to support a argument limited in scope and relevancy.

What Nolan means by “Is China Buying The World” is focused in the global business realm. He defines “us” and “them” from the wealthy nations’ perspective and then describes China’s transition into the global economy. It’s actually an interesting look into the globalization of business. Nolan shows that since the 1980s western, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese companies have been merging and expanding internationally. Furthermore these giant economy engines have detached themselves from their countries of origin gaining a motivation outside of any one nation’s influence. In contrast of this are Chinese companies. They have not merged with international companies, they are not detached from their country of origin, and for the most part aren’t large enough to compete with larger, more efficient western companies.

Nolan isn’t worried about China’s companies merging with international companies or China’s government buying other nation’s companies but I’m not sure that’s this is the most relevant question to ask. It seems to me as though the questions “Is China Dominating The World” or “Is China Undermining Other Nations” are similar questions that is making the world nervous. By just looking at China’s business Nolan is able to go into (too much?) depth but avoids the larger issue.


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